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100hr The Embodied Feminine Module 1 :

Womb Wellness

Where :

The Yoga Barn

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

www.theyogabarn.com   (See Contact Page)

When :


  • 2020 Dates TBA

Description :

Are you feeling the Deep Feminine Call to Re-Member HER ?

We live in a time where the Yang qualities of goal orientation, directional focus, achievement, & "getting shit done" in the world, saturate our value system. Within the last 60 years, inspired women of the western world have duplicated this potent Yang focus in order to courageously stake their equality & autonomy & express their voice & contribution in the world. As a result women are well on the way to re-instating their social, political & economic freedom . And yet when relentless yang outward moving energy is not balanced with equal priority for yin inward moving energy, this imminently leads to the detriment of our physical & psycho- emotional health, as women. And often manifests as hormonal & reproductive disorders, depression, anxiety & burn out .

We are now coming to realise that true equality & liberation lies in equally valuing, understanding & embodying the inherent quality of Yin.  Yin qualities include Embodiment & the subsequent access to somatic & emotional intelligence that an inward lens invokes. Informing greater self awareness & thus conscious relationship within & without. Inviting the potential to create both heart & earth centred community & self referencing our true source of freedom within our own beings .

 As women, inside of our bodies moves a potent feminine current of awakening, a river of Shakti birthed from the temple of our Wombs.  It is our birthright. A source of power that has been muted for thousands of years that is beckoning us to Re-Member. 

When surrendered to, this current unravels the postured conditioning of the minds story of separation, WITHIN THE BODIES TISSUE. An infinite intelligence that spontaneously unwinds the tension stored in our connective tissue created from identifying with thoughts & behaviours that are out of alignment with our True Nature. Creating space for infinite insight & knowing to arise in & through our BODIES & repattern our nervous systems from the inside out.  This current permeates through all the unconscious places of hiding from the truth of who we are & translates into directly experiential shifts in perception & behaviour, melting the heart open to experience the uncontrived Love & Wholeness that is our birth right.

SHE is currently Rising through our bodies & hearts en masse, invoking our re-memberance. Inviting us to become embodied vehicles for Her Wisdom to move through us, unimpeded by our personal story of insecurity & separation. In order to step into reclaim our birthright , to Re-Member Her Essence within our bodies , our sensual essence & our wombs. Returning to our fullness as INTEGRATED & EMBODIED Awake Women, bringing balance back to our earth in this potent time of transformation & evolutionary change.

Are you feeling HER call ?

This 100hr Womb Wellness Training is specifically for women, & is designed to offer empowering education on female anatomy, hormonal health & feminine well being.

We will train up in  :

* Empowering Education of Female Anatomy & Women's Wellness

* Yoga Therapy for Balancing the Female Hormonal System

*The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (R)

* Moon Wisdom : Harmonising Menstruation & the 4 Monthly Phases

* Feminine Embodiment & Inner Directed Movement

*  Accessing the Body’s Somatic Intelligence

* Conscious Navigation of our Emotional Feedback System

* Intuitive Dance & Moving Meditation

*  Healing Pelvic/Belly Dance for the Belly & Womb 

Daily Schedule :

8.00 - 9.30am   Morning Embodiment Practice

9.30 - 10.30am  Breakfast

10.30 - 12.00am Morning Workshop 1

12.00 - 1.30pm   Morning Workshop 2

1.30 - 3.00pm    Lunch

3.00 – 4.30pm   Afternoon Workshop

5.00 - 7.00pm   Evening Embodiment Practice


Opening Ceremony : Dates TBA

Day Off : TBD

Closing Ceremony : Dates TBA

Tina Nance

Tina Nance has been practicing Yoga, Dance & Embodiment  for over 20 years and teaching yoga, intuitive movement and women's work around the globe since 2003, in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

Tina works within the understanding that the majority of the contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of an identification with thoughts and behaviors that are misaligned with the truth of who we are. Tina's yoga & embodiment practices are therefore focused on consciously unraveling our body-mind's contractions with compassionate embodied awareness. 

Cultivating the art of deep presence, and conscious breath, Tina's Embodiment practice has become vastly non linear in nature. Tapping into the body's innate intelligence in direct relationship with the deep feminine current within, that unravels & re-aligns us from the inside out. 

In recent years Tina has specialised in Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellness, travelling and teaching throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Tina is currently a resident yoga teacher & teacher trainer at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, teaching regular classes, workshops & a 500hour TNYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programme specialising in Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Embodied Mindfulness. 

Tina is the founder of the Embodied Feminine Awakening Mystery School & the creator & director of the 300hr Embodied Feminine Awakening Programme : 100hr Womb Awakening, 100hr Sexual Sovereignty & 100hr Embodying Deity.

Kate Reardon 

Kate Reardon is a qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, an author and speaker, an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer and yoga teacher. With extensive tertiary studies in both complementary and mind body medicine, Kate set out in search of finding the most dynamic way of helping people achieve radical healing and transformation throughout their lives on a mind, body and soul level. This journey which started with her own clinical practice in Australia has lead Kate to managing health retreats in Thailand, seeing one on one clients worldwide, presenting health workshops, public speaking, contributing to various publications as a health and wellness writer and hosting transformational healing circles. Kate is the co-founder and managing director of the renowned fasting detox retreat center, Natural Instinct Healing in Bali. Kate has guided thousands of individuals to a state of radiant health through the power of cleansing worldwide and now offers the secrets and science in The Essential Cleanse, her first book and a love letter to all who seek total healing from the inside out.

Jo Brown

Jo is an Energy Scientist, Healer, Group Fascilitator, Writer & Teacher. Considered by some as a Contemporary Priestess, Jo teaches women embodiment for better living. She's soul food for the modern day femme leader. Jo teaches, writes and blogs about thriving in our feminine bodies. Aussie born, with a corporate past life, Jo has been on a humbling journey of self enquiry and service for a quarter of a century. She was trained over 26 years ago by an esoteric physiotherapist in bodywork and the anatomy of human energetics while exploring yoga, dance, feminine sensual rituals and meditation. She has since trained under the tutelage and been privileged to share knowledge alongside masters and spiritual teachers. These include Australian, American, New Zealand and British vinyasa and restorative yoga teachers, traditional Arnhemland elders, sports physiologists, physiotherapists; medical physicians,buddhist zen monks, doctors of biochemical nutrition, mindful business educators, personal development and keynote speakers. Jo has also managed, consulted and facilitated in evidence based wellness, corporate and yoga retreats for the past two and a half decades throughout Australia, Asia and the UK. Drawing from the deep well of yoga, energy science and ancient traditions, Jo encourages transformation and juicy insight into our own divine shakti and shiva. Jo's mission statement is to: " Inspire, educate and support women globally to reclaim their feminine through deeper physical and spiritual awareness and practices".

Malaika Darville

Malaika brings a wealth of earth wisdom having walked the shamanic path for a lifetime. Across the globe, she is known for her ability to re-connect individuals with their inner body, helping to access to higher realms of consciousness and authenticity. She has travelled and lived with indigenous cultures, and facilitated groups in India, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Spain, Holland, Egypt, China, USA, Costa Rica, Holland, and Spain for over 25 years. alaika’s accreditations include being a qualified ISHTA yoga teacher, Water Dance practitioner, African dance performer and teacher, creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activation™ a shamanic dynamic meditation dance journey embodying the five cardinal elements, earth water fire air and spirit. Malaika is dedicated to creating sacred space through ritual and ceremony to bring personal and planetary awakening, restoring balance to our distorted civilized culture.













There is no pre requisite training required for the 100hr Embodied Feminine : Womb Wellness Training. Women are warmly invited to participate  so long as they have a minimum of 1year embodied movement/ yoga experience. 

Pre- Requisite Reading  :

BOOKS ( Compulsary Texts ) :

  • Vagina - Naomi Wolf

  • The Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent

  • Woman Code - Alisa Vitti


  • Red, Hot & Holy - Tara Beak

  • Yoni Shakti - Uma Dinsmore Tuli Phd

  • Womens Bodies, Womens Wisdom - Christine Northrup M.D.

  • The Female Brain - Louann Brizendine M.D.

  • Women Who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  • The 100hr Embodied Feminine : Womb Wellness Training may be participated in on its own as a deep immersion into the Feminine Arts.


  • To be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga professionally, a 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher Training must be additionally completed.


  • For 200hr certified Yoga teachers, the 100hr Embodied Feminine Module 1 : Womb Wellness can be combined together with any two of the other 100hr TNYT Yoga Teacher Training modules, or 100hr SOSA Yoga Teacher Training modules ( see 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings). Amounting to 300hrs of advanced study, certifying 200hr RYT yoga teachers with a 500hr RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher Accreditation.


  • Students must attain 100% attendance in order to be awarded the 100 hour Embodied Feminine Womb Wellness Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance.


  • Upon completion of 3x 100hr TNYT or SOSA YTTmodules, 200hr RYT certified students may apply directly with Yoga Alliance for 500hr RYT status.

100hr Embodied Feminine : Womb Wellness Training : $2075 U.S.D.

Deposit $500 U.S.D. non-refundable deposit payable upon registration

Balance Payment Due – Dates TBA


To register your application & payment you may fill out the application form below.

For all queries feel free to contact Tina's Tribe directly at [email protected]

“The World Will be Saved by the Western Woman”
The Dalai Lama