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As i have been teaching globally for the past 14years, i am blessed to meet & share with thousands of students from all over the world, but often for a brief amount of time. After being frequently asked if there was a way we could continue to connect & practise together, recently i joined forces with the inspirational team at SeeBeNow in Bali & created 8x 30min Yin Yoga classes & 8 Shraddha Yoga Therapy classes, that can be accessed directly online, & practiced in the convenience & privacy of your own home.


About SeeBeNow

 SeeBeNow create videos, photos, sounds, and blogs you can use every day to connect to your mind, body, and Self. Based in Bali - an island emerging as a global destination for health, wellness, working, living, and being - SeeBeNow are building a bridge between the old and the new to unify all of us in the NOW.  

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 About TNYT Shraddha Yoga Therapy

 The Sanskrit term Shraddha translates as faith born from direct experience. These 8x 30minute yoga therapy practices are an invitation to come out of your head & into your body & explore for yourself the connection of your mind, body & spirit.

 In Shraddha Yoga Therapy we cultivate a heightened awareness of the 12 primary meridians that activate the 12 primary organ systems of the body, as recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine, within the asana of Traditional Hatha Yoga.

Each yoga posture, is designed to influence the flow of chi through particular meridians, influencing their corresponding organs & thus having a specific therapeutic effect.


To download the TNYT Shraddha Yoga Therapy classes click the link below :

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About TNYT Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga we explore long held therapeutic asanas that generate the flow of chi through the fascia & the energy channels of the bodymind. Releasing deep layers of contraction held in the connective tissue & influencing the 12 main meridians that feed into all of our primary organs. We invite suppleness & flexibility into the physical body & restore harmony & balance to the mental & emotional bodies. Whilst cultivating Mindfulness; the art of neither withdrawing from nor identifying with whatever arises, physically, psychologically & emotionally. Thus allowing deep release on all level of our beings & inviting integration of Body, Mind & Spirit.


To download the TNYT Yin Yoga classes click the link below : 


Use code "tina" to get 33% off the yearly membership of SeeBeNow.

More full length practices coming soon. Watch this space!


 Online Class Descriptions


Class 1 : Letting Go :

Metal Element Yoga for the Lungs & Large Intestine:


In Metal Element Yoga we inspire chi flow through the Lung & Large Intestine Meridians. Supporting Healthy Elimination & Respiration, & the rebalancing of symptoms such as Constipation, Diarrhoea, Bloating, Flatulence, IBS, Sinus Infections, Skin Problems, Asthma, Bronchitis & Breathing Difficulties.

While psycho-emotionally supporting our mind-body system to let go on all levels. Unravelling any embodied grief & stuck stories from the past, stored in our cells. Supporting us to adapt to life’s consistent change. Letting go of the old & making way for the new & harmonising with the universal law of Impermanence.


Class 2 : Restoration & Renewal :

 Water Element Yoga for the Kidneys & Bladder :


In Water Element Yoga we release nervous tension & restore the deep reserves of our vital life force. Supporting the reversal of the stress response & alleviating symptoms such as Lethargy & Fatigue, Dark Bags Under the Eyes & Lower Back Pain.

Unravelling embodied fear, anxiety & stress from the tissues, while calming & tonifying the nervous system, & revitalizing & recharging the batteries.


Class 3 : Detoxification:

 Wood Element Yoga for the Liver & GallBladder:


In Wood Element Yoga we support the detoxification & purification of the body-mind system. Alleviating symptoms such as Fatigue, Sluggishness, Headaches, Poor Immunity, Irritability & Mood Swings as we support the liver to clean the blood.

Whilst psycho-emotionally cleansing the body of suppressed or over-indulged emotions of anger stored in the tissues, such as Frustration, Impatience, Intolerance, Judgement & Attachment to Control. Allowing space for abundant vitality, clarity, & the embodiment of healthy response-ability, self expression & compassion.


Class 4 : Heart Opening :

 Fire Element 1 Yoga for the Heart & Small Intestine:


In Fire Element Yoga we open the chest, strengthen & vitalize the upper body & activate the heart centre. A great practice to Increase Circulation, Unwind Shoulder Tension, Reduce Excess Heat in the body & Calm an Erratic Mind.

Psycho-emotionally illuminating our connection to our hearts innate wisdom, boundless joy, creativity & unconditional love. Inspiring the release of old stuck emotional wounds & protective armouring, & connecting to our capacity for forgiveness, healthy communication, intimacy & bliss. Opening the tissues around the heart, we inspire the palpable embodiment of the truth of the Love that we innately already are.


Class 5 : Embodiment & Healthy Immunity:

 Fire Element Yoga 2 for the Pericardium & Triple Heater :


In Fire Element 2 Yoga we support the harmonious flow of chi between the main organ systems of the body involved in respiration, digestion, elimination & reproduction, cultivating a strong & healthy immune system.

Simultaneously we encourage chi flow into the protective fascia surrounding the heart, supporting the dissolution of armoring & emotional disconnection, & allowing us to feel our bodies & allow our emotional energy to flow freely & release naturally & appropriately.

A great practice to balance blood pressure, release the diaphragm, & strengthen our lymphatic system & overall immunity.



Class 6 : Earth Element Yoga – Grounding :

 Earth Element Yoga for the Spleen/Pancreas & Stomach :


In Earth Element Yoga we learn to ground our energy, improve our digestion, strengthen our core & stabilize our connection to our centre.

Supporting the release of old habits such as unhealthy eating & relationship patterns, that insatiably attempt to fill our mis-perceived sense of neediness. And connecting to the wholeness, fullness & contentment innate at our core.



Class 7 : Five Element Yoga for Overall Health & Wellbeing :

 Five Element Yoga for the 12 Primary Organ Systems :


In this complete five element practice we will explore asanas that optimize chi flow into all of the 12 primary organ systems via the 12 main meridians of TCM. Optimising Vitality, Purification, & All Round Health & Well Being.

A wonderful “ cover all bases” practice to start the day!


Class 8: Yin Yoga for The Five Elements :


In Yin Yoga we explore long held therapeutic asana’s, that release deep layers of contraction & trauma, held in the fascia. As well as more deeply influencing chi flow through the 12 main meridians that flow directly through this deeper connective tissue.

We invite increased suppleness & flexibility into the physical body, particularly the joints, whilst restoring harmony & balance to the mental & emotional bodies.

Simultaneously cultivating Mindfulness; the art of neither withdrawing from, or identifying with whatever arises, physically, psychologically & emotionally.

Therefore inviting & allowing a deep release on all level of our beings.

A wonderful evening practice for dropping in & letting go.


“On this sacred path of Radical Acceptance, rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to love ourselves into wholeness.”
― Tara Brach