Daily Practice:

Five Element Yin Yoga

Five Element Yang Yoga Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

Yoga Nidra


Yin Yoga Philosophy:

History of Yin Yoga

Mind/Body Connection & Subtle Anatomy

Five Element Theory & TCM Meridians

Contemporary Meridian Theory & Fascia

Mindfulness Meditation at Your Edge


Yin Yoga Anatomy :

Fascia : Fascial Trains & Meridians

Fascial Trains & Organ System Pathology for The Five Elements

Yoga & Kinesthetics : The Science of Movement

Understanding How Yoga Works

Paul Grilley’s Tension & Compression Theory

Necessity of Individual Alignment

Exploration Of Skeletal Variations in Asana


Foundations of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) :

Yin & Yang Philosophy

Meridians - Yin & Yang Meridians

TCM Zang Fu – 12 Primary Organ Systems

Concept and Function of Chi

Causes and Symptoms of Chi Disruption

Visual Diagnosis of Embodied Chi Imbalance

Meridian Clock – Application for Symptom Diagnosis & Treatment

Zang Fu - Organ System Pathology & Symptoms of Physical, Mental & Emotional Imbalance

Food as Medicine- Dietary Support for the Five Elements

Yin & Yang Yoga Therapy for the 12 Primary Organ Systems


Mindfulness & Buddhism Basics:

The Four Noble Truths

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - Body, Feelings, Mind States & Environmental Phenomena

Anapanasati ( Breath Awareness)

Shamata ( Concentration Meditation )

Vipassana ( Open Awareness Meditation )

Equanimity - In the Face of Challenge

The Five Hindrances

Pain Vs Suffering

Unfixating Vs Fixing