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In this video Chloe Slattery of online women's forum : chats to yoga therapist and women's wellness teacher Tina Nance. 



Women's Hormone Balancing Yoga


A gentle yoga therapy practice that promotes the flow of blood & chi into the specific endocrine glands & organs that play a key role in hormonal balance.

Whilst simultaneously reconnecting us to the more feminine aspects of our 'being' nature, inherent in embodying, feeling, sensing & intuiting on the mat. 

Assisting the alleviation of  menstrual & menopausal discomfort, such as mood swings, fatigue, PMS, lower back pain, cramps, heaviness, hot flushes, irritability, anxiety & depression. 

Amidst the cultivation of tools that restore a calm & stable connection to our centre, throughout the changing cycles of a woman's life. 


Hormone Balancing Yoga Therapy for Women

Women we are not meant to suffer every month!

Our menstrual cycle is an organic & potent, stress sensitive feedback system. Which if understood & consciously nurtured, fosters a natural, highly charged state of heightened intuition, insight, psychic skill & creativity.

 Discover :

  Tools to alleviate Pre-Menstrual Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability & Mood Swings

  Yoga Postures to alleviate Menstrual Discomfort such as Cramps, Lower Back Pain, Heaviness & Fatigue.

  A solid understanding of the physiology & psychology of our hormonal cycles.

  Foods that support healthy hormonal balance

  How to harmonise with the 4 phases of the 28day moon cycle & reconnect with the rhythms of nature

  Practices to consciously be with the increased sensitivity & arising emotional states of menstruation & menopause.

Discover how to turn pain & suffering into transformation. Reconnect with the inherent power of menstruation & menopause as a woman's innately embodied spiritual practice. 



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