TNYT 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 

The TNYT 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training consists of 3x 100hr Teacher Training Modules.

Each 100hr Training may be participated in on its own as a complete study unto itself.

Or 3x 100hr trainings may be combined together as 300hr hours of advanced yoga teacher training, certifying 200hr RYT certified yoga teachers with a 500hr RYT YA Accreditation.

Non-certified Yogi’s may participate in any of the 100hr trainings, as long as you have a minimum of 2years yoga & meditation experience & will receive a Yoga Alliance registered 100hr certification. However to be qualified to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga professionally, a 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher Training must be additionally completed. 

200hr RYT certified yogi's may combine any 3 of the 100hr Yoga Teacher Training modules listed below for a 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher YA Accreditation. 

You may combine any 3 of the 4x TNYT 100hrYoga Teacher training Modules for your 300hrs .

Or alternatively you may also combine 1 or 2 TNYT YTT modules with 1 or 2 of the 100hr SOSA's Yogic Vision Quests in Canada or 100hr events in Peru's Sacred Valley (see 500hr SOSA Advanced  YTT) offered by the School of Sacred Art's own Simone Mackay & Troy McFadden.

A combination of any 3 of the 100hr modules offered by both TNYT & SOSA, can add to make your 300hrs for a 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher YA Accreditation.

Our variety of mix and match options, in several countries, allow you one of the most diverse, well rounded & eclectic 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings available anywhere in the world. 

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           100hr Yoga Therapeutics YTT                           100hr Yin Yoga YTT

    100hr Embodied Mindfulness YTT              100hr Embodied Feminine Awakening

In any moment, no matter how lost we feel, we can pause, breathe, & take refuge in Presence & Love. On the sacred path of Radical Acceptance, rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to Love ourselves into Wholeness.
— Tara Brach