Tina Nance

Tina Nance has been practicing Yoga for over 19 years and teaching yoga & women's work around the globe since 2003, in classes, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.

Tina is trained in both Classical Indian Yoga &  Chinese Taoist Yoga, & specialises in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy.

Tina is deeply passionate about creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to connect directly & experientially with their body-mind and Spirit via the Yogic Arts, & is the founder of TNYT Yoga Therapy; a fusion of Indian Hatha Yoga & the 5 Element Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tina works within the understanding that many of the contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of an identification with thoughts and behaviors that are misaligned with the truth of who we are.  Tina's yoga is therefore focused on consciously unraveling our body-mind's contractions with guided awareness. Cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness & conscious breath within each asana, exploring all eight limbs of yoga simultaneously, on the mat. Re-establishing health and harmony by un-obstructing the flow of prana through the body's energy channels, while connecting to our innate essence as loving presence, containing & embracing all that arises . Inviting Integration of body, mind & Spirit.

In recent years Tina has specialised in Yin Yoga & Mindfulness, and Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellness,  travelling and teaching throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Tina is currently a resident yoga teacher & teacher trainer at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia.


Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, Dip Ki Yoga Therapy, Dip Health Sciences, Dip Shiatsu, Dip Remedial Massage, Dip Energy Healing.


Sarah Breidenbach

Ba, MSSc (Counselor), ACA, HKPCA, APCA

Sarah is an American therapist specialising in the treatment of depression and anxiety. She holds a Masters in Social Science (Counseling) with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), trauma interventions and addiction psychology studies. 

Sarah sees counseling as an empowering tool to help people access their own strength and illuminate their own wisdom. 

Sarah worked in the US public health sector doing HIV/AIDS social work for nearly a decade before relocating to Hong Kong. She has offered support to clients with mental health challenges from a wide variety of cultures.

For the last 12 years, she has also studied alternative systems of wellness including Yoga, Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sarah is also a certified yoga instructor.

Sarah specialises in the use of Mindfulness Meditation and is a certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She has seen the application of these modalities as fundamental in treating long-standing issues and in creating long-term results for her clients.

Jackson Mullane

Jackson is interested in the wakeful potential of all humans. Jackson will be guiding students through workshops on Consciousness & the Nature of Reality.  He is not a teacher or guru but rather a bridge builder for people to stroll deeper in to their own truth. He enjoys entertaining ideas & holding spaces where individuals can learn to walk themselves free from suffering.