What is Mindfulness :

Principles of Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Yoga

Mindfulness in Buddhism

Mindfulness in Stress Reduction & the Management of Disease

Resting as Awareness Practices :

  • Seated Meditations
  • Moving Meditations
  • Yoga as Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra


Buddhism Basics: 

Buddhism’s 4 Noble Truths

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Anapanasati ( Breath Awareness)

Shamata ( Concentration Meditation )

Vipassana ( Open Awareness Meditation )

Equamimity - in the Face of Challenge

The Five Hindrances


Vipassana : 

Resting as Open Awareness

What are Samskara’s?

How to Meet & Transmute Samskara's

Cultivating Mindfulness at your Edge


Yoga Nidra :

Awakening Awareness through all the Koshas/Dimensions of our being.


Yin Yoga:

Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

TCM Five Element Meridian Theory & the 12 Zang Fu

Mindfulness in the Face of "Discomfort"

Pain Vs Suffering


Mindfulness Yoga: 

Yoga as a tool for Embodied Awareness

Moving Meditation : Surrender & Flow

The Art of Listening : Internally Directed Alignment

Emptying to the Fullness : Releasing Control, Allowing & Letting Go


Masculine & Feminine Principles in Practice:

Shiva & Shakti

Purusha & Prakriti

Yin & Yang

Form & Formless

Self Realisation into Self Integration


Embodiment as Mindfulness:

The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection & Subtle Anatomy

Embodied Intelligence

Expansion & Contraction


Self Integration - Being with What Arises :

Awareness Practices :  Integration Vs Disassociation

Resting Open with What is : Unfixating Vs Fixing

Meeting the Shadow in the Body : Held Vs Healed

Inner Bonding

Radical Inquiry