Where :

The Yoga Barn

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

www.theyogabarn.com   (See Contact Page)

When : 

July 18th - 31st 2018

Description :

Join myself & a potent team of Buddhist Psychologists  & Consciousness Facilitators  for a deep immersion into the Mindfulness Awareness Practices of Yoga & Tibetan Buddhism. Learning to practice & teach highly effective traditional & contemporary, evidence based mindfulness techniques. Including  Dynamic & Seated Meditations, Yin & Yang Yoga Asana, Yoga Nidra, Buddhist Psychology and potent Self Inquiry & Relational Awareness Practices. 

 We will explore powerful tools to meet life's challenges, on & off the mat, & learn how to directly & authentically be with what arises, in an infinitely beneficial way.

 Mindfulness is becoming vastly recognized worldwide, as a highly effective & life changing tool for stress reduction, pain management, enhanced clarity & well-being, & ultimately awakening to our essential true nature. Increasingly widely practiced in a vast range of environments, from yoga & meditation studios, to schools, prisons, hospitals & the broader corporate structure.

 Discover the potential to transmute suffering into transformation. Learning practical & effective tools to open in the face of pain & challenge, accessing a gateway to embody the freedom & truth of who we truly are. Whilst learning directly & experientially how to guide & support our students to do the same.


"True healing is not the fixing of the broken but the rediscovery of the Unbroken"   

Jeff Foster.


The sanskrit word Yoga means Union.

The Union of Mind, Body & Spirit. In yoga asana practice this translates as the union of Awareness, Body & Breath.

Yoga asana is an invitation for Union as Moving Meditation.

In the immersion into & as this union, we discover the inherent wisdom, contentment, fullness & uncontrived Love that is our essential nature. Embodying Presence, where our true nature as eternal Formless Awareness reveals itself & integrates with the unravelling stories & emotional intelligence system of the body-minds Form.

Form meets Formless. Shiva meets Shakti. Self Realisation becomes Self Integration. This is Divine Union. This is Yoga.

This Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training is an Immersion in this Union. 


 This 100hr module, is a complete & thorough study unto itself, or may be a contributing module to the TNYT 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

When we stop seeking. we create an opportunity to become intimate with the divine. Intimate with all of life & life’s conditions. Intimate with our self. They are all one & the same.
— Mark Whitwell