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Yoga Therapy | Detoxification

  • The Yoga Barn, Studio Lotus Jalan Raya Pengosekan Bali, 80571 Indonesia (map)

Wood Element Yoga for the  Liver & Gallbladder Meridians

  • Asana’s ( Yin & Yang ) for Detoxifying the body
  • Pranayama for Purification & Claensing
  • Food as Medicine – Learn to clean the body with Detoxifying foods & Liver Cleanses & understand the energetics of cleansing & nourishing the liver from a macrobiotic perspective.

In Wood Yoga practices we learn how to holistically cleanse & purify our system. Detoxifying not only our physical body, but also purifying our mental & emotional bodies of the toxicity of embodied anger & frustration. We explore our connection to self assertion as well as our relationship to Anger, Judgement & Control. Releasing embodied irritability & resentment & cultivating the capacity for healthy response-ability, self expression, compassion & non-judgement.

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