This 100hr Womb Wisdom Training is the first module of the 300hr The Embodied Feminine Programme.

Specifically for Women, This training is designed to empower & support women to Re-Member the innate feminine gateway to the Embodiment of their Essential Essence.

We will train up in  :

* Feminine Embodiment & Inner Directed Movement

*  Somatic Intelligence Access

* Conscious Navigation of our Emotional Feedback System

* Empowering Education of Female Anatomy & Women's Wellness

* Womb Wisdom : Practices for Womb Healing & Awakening

*The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (R)

* Yoga Therapy for Balancing the Female Hormonal System

* Moon Wisdom & Sacred Menstruation

* Intuitive Dance Techniques & Moving Meditation

*  Temple Dance for the Belly & Womb 

* Awakening the Deep Feminine Current.