Advanced Trainings
Deep Self-inquiry Immersions

A Heart-Centered Collaboration
School of Sacred Arts (SOSA) & Tina Nance (TNYT) :

100+ hour modules towards 500-hour Yoga Alliance Accreditation


What is this?

Five unique and diverse advanced yoga teacher trainings have been designed by TNYT & SOSA to facilitate continuing education and take one’s practice to the next level.

Each module is powerful in its own right, and can be taken individually and/or a specific combination of three of the five modules may be completed together over a period of 2 years to gain accreditation with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (all three modules are registered as one curriculum with Yoga Alliance)

Who can apply and are there prerequisites?

In order to be granted certification at the 500-hour level, one needs to have successfully completed a 200-hour foundation YA registered teacher training and able to provide the certificate as part of the application process to any one of these modules.

For Tina’s Yoga Therapeutics & Yin Yoga modules , a 200-hour foundation YA registered teacher training or having a minimum of 2 years yoga and meditation experience and a thorough understanding of general yoga asana alignment is required.

Tina’s Embodied Mindfulness & Embodied Feminine Awakening modules & SOSA's Peru Immersion, serve as a deep self-inquiry and therefore are not limited to yogis. Anyone with a deep desire to turn attention inwards , with some meditation & embodiment experience are welcome!

How do I register?

An application process is required for each individual module. Each party (teacher) has designed and carefully assembled their own highly skilled facilitation teams, is responsible for their own individual training/immersion, and independently operates each event. To inquire into each module, please contact the respective party you wish to study with by following the links in the relevant sections below.



School of Sacred Arts (SOSA):

Into the Heart of Light: A 10-Day Yoga and Medicine Immersion/Retreat

Into the Heart of Light, a yoga and plant medicine retreat and 100 hour advanced YTT

This deeply nourishing 10 day, all-inclusive retreat and 100 hour advanced YTT draws upon a synergistic blend of the shamanic customs of the Americas and the ancient art and science of Yoga. These practices profoundly connect us with ourselves in raw and experiential ways, bringing to the surface our sub conscious, habitual thought patterns and behaviours that often can dominate our day to day lives.

Working in ceremony with Ayahuasca and Huachuma (San Pedro) will help inform how to live our yoga rather than simply “do” it, while our yoga practice serves to deepen and keep us centered during our journeying with the Plant Teachers for us to discover glimpses of our place within it all.

Ayahuasca, Huachuma and Yoga Nidra have long demonstrated their profound healing abilities and during this retreat you will be given tools to transform what arises as well as space to restore, rejuvenate and connect with FLOW and your own potential, so that you can live a more authentic and meaningful life.

In compliment to the more traditional Plant Medicine ceremonies we will invoke and offer blessings with a Native South American ‘Despacho’ ceremony by a local Shaman and participate in a Native North American ‘Temazcal’ (a sweat lodge purification). The multicultural custom of “Council Circles” will also play a significant role, prefacing and following all shamanic ceremonies to deepen our understanding and integrate our experiences.

Our bodies will be nurtured by delicious home grown vegetarian meals, while our minds and souls will be nurtured by daily Vinyasa/Hatha, Yin and Yoga Nidra practice exploring and inspired by the elements and nature, led by our wise yogini and Soul Guide Simone MacKay. As well as talks about Yoga Nidra, the Koshas and native Medicine wheel and 7 directions teachings, we will be guided through teachings of the Andean Cosmology as we hike to a local waterfall in the foothills of the Andes. Star-gazing and the sharing of medicine songs and poetry by sacred fire as well as floral baths and the practice of mauna (inner quietude) will also serve to deepen our connection with ourselves, our fellow voyagers, the land in which we will journey together and ultimately to Source.

This immersion will keep you engaged from morning until evening with some ceremonies running well into the night. The schedule will vary, depending on the flow of the days, as well as the needs of the group. Due to the nature of this event, much of it will be touched by the natural and organic flow and inspiration of Spirit and guided by Heart.


When? June 19-29, 2019 

Where? Sach'a Munay Retreat Center in Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas

How much? USD $1950

Early bird discount rate USD $1,795 available if paid in full by Dec 19, 2018.

Please note spaces are very limited and so a non refundable USD $500 deposit is due upon acceptance to the program to secure your spot.

What’s Included:

Accommodation (based on shared occupancy)

- Homegrown, chef prepared, vegetarian meals

- 2x Ayahuasca ceremony guided by medicine songtrees Leticia Tika Qantu Sideris; a 5th generation Shaman and assisted by incredible musicians

- 1x Huachuma ceremony guided by Paul Temple from Hummingbird Retreats in Pisaq; a yogi elder with 2 degrees in botany

- Rapé offerings (shamanic tobacco snuff)

- The multicultural custom of “Council Circles” will play a significant role with integration during the retreat, prefacing and following all         shamanic ceremonies

- Daily Vinyasa/Hatha, Yin and Yoga Nidra practice exploring and inspired by the elements and nature, led by our wise yogini and Soul          Guide Simone MacKay

- Talks about Yoga Nidra, the Koshas and native Medicine wheel and 7 directions teachings

- Mauna (cultivation of inner quietude including a full day of silence) 

- Mountain / waterfall hike in the foothills of the Andes, connecting us to the land we journey in and to Quechuan spirituality

- Baños Florales (floral baths – a shamanic healing ritual used throughout the high Andes through to the Amazon basin that removes            blockages and supports energy flow)

- Peruvian Despacho Ceremony

- Temazcal / Sweat Lodge (native purification ceremony)

The schedule will vary, depending on the flow of the days, as well as the needs of the group. Due to the nature of this event, much of it will be touched by the natural and organic flow and inspiration of Spirit.

To register for this retreat and 100 hour YTT please fill in our online application in the link below:

 >>>>>>> PERU 2019 APPLICATION <<<<<<<<

You can find out lots more juicy information about the retreat at: Somah Journeys 

(The explore section will teach you lots about Yoga Nidra specifically too!)

Tina Nance :

4 x TNYT 100hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

100hr Embodied Feminine Awakening Training

Module 1 : Womb Awakening :

A Deep Immersion into the Feminine Mysteries

      Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module (100+ hours)

Specifically for Women, This training is designed to empower & support women to Re-Member the innate feminine gateway to the Embodiment of their Essential Essence.

We will train up in  :

* Feminine Embodiment & Inner Directed Movement

* Empowering Education of Female Anatomy & Women's Wellness

* Yoga Therapy for Balancing the Female Hormonal System

* Womb Wisdom : Practices for Womb Healing & Awakening

* Arvigo Massage & Pelvic Realignment

* Moon Wisdom & Sacred Menstruation

*  Somatic Intelligence Access

* Conscious Navigation of our Emotional Feedback System

* Intuitive Flow Dance

*  Temple Dance for the Belly & Womb 

* Embracing the Dark Feminine

* Sexual Sovereignty & Sensual Empowerment

* Awakening the Deep Feminine Current.


Are you feeling HER call? 

When?  Sep 1st- 16th 2019
Where?  The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali
How Much?  $2075 USD
(non-residential, 100 hours of training)
Details & Registration:
Email: [email protected]

100hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Transmuting Suffering to Transformation, Mindfulness at Your Edge

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module (100+ hours)

How does the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy & spiritual inquiry translate tangibly into our practice of modern yoga asana?

As we unravel that which is repressed and stuck in our bodymind, what are the practical tools to help us be with what arises and liberate us from suffering to Self Realization? What is the path to ‘awakening’ really all about?

In this 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training , we meet these inquiries directly, drawing from the combined wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Five Element Meridian Theory, and the mindfulness meditation practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Learn how to release the deep tissue/ fascial trains of the body and create increased fluidity, suppleness, flexibility and organ health.

  • Learn how your body, mind & spirit are connected via the energy pathways of your subtle anatomy, and discover how to meet and align all dimensions of your being directly in your practice.

  • Learn how to influence the chi flow through the 12 primary pathways fueling the 12 main organ systems, optimizing physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Learn practical tools to meet the internal and external challenges of life, as gateways for transformation and awakening.

This 2-week immersion offers a holistic map and practical pathway for potentialising freedom and liberation within ourselves, and in turn, assists the development of direct tools to support and guide our students.

When?  TBD
Where?  The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali
How Much?  $2075USD
(non-residential, 100 hours of training)
Details & Registration:
Email: [email protected]

100hr Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training

Holistic Yoga for the 12 Primary Organ Systems of the Body

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module (100+ hours)

A 100hr intensive training in a potent healing system of Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Asana, utilising the five element meridian system of traditional chinese medicine & the taoist healing arts.

Working directly with the twelve primary organ systems to discover more depth, specificity & understanding of the distinct therapeutic benefits of yoga asana, upon the Body, Mind & Spirit.
We will learn how to tailor yoga practice to meet specific, individual physical, mental & emotional needs, via the body’s inherent meridian pathways.

Training to recognise postural & behavioural implications of chi imbalance in ourselves & our students on & off the mat. To create individualized therapeutic yoga programmes, incorporating asana, breath, nutrition & lifestyle support, for specific pathologies, imbalances & holistic individual needs.
This 100hr module, is a complete & thorough study unto itself, or may be a contributing module to the TNYT 500hr RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Programme.

When?  September 1st-16th, 2019
Where?  The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali
How Much?  $2075 USD
(non-residential, 100 hours of training)
Details & Registration:
Email: [email protected]

 100hr Embodied Mindfulness Teacher Training

A Deep Immersion into the Mindfulness Practices of Yoga & Tibetan Buddhism.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module (100+ hours)

Join us for a deep immersion into the Mindfulness Practices of Yoga & Tibetan Buddhism. Learning to practice & teach highly effective, traditional & contemporary, evidence based mindfulness techniques. Including both Dynamic & Sitting Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Relational Awareness Practices, & both Yin & Yang Asana.
We will explore powerful tools to meet life's challenges, on & off the mat, & learn how to directly & authentically be with what arises, in an infinitely beneficial way.
Mindfulness & Embodiment are becoming vastly recognized worldwide, as highly effective & life changing tools for stress reduction, pain management, enhanced clarity & well-being, & ultimately awakening to our essential true nature. Increasingly, widely practiced in a vast range of environments, from yoga & meditation studios, to schools, prisons, hospitals & the broader co-orporate structure.

Discover the potential to unravel embodied trauma & transmute suffering into transformation.

Learning practical & effective tools to open pain & challenge, as a gateway to accessing & embodying the freedom & truth of who we truly are. Whilst learning directly & experientially how to guide & support our students to do the same.

When?  November 1st - 16th, 2019
Where?  The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali
How Much?  $2075 USD
(non-residential, 100 hours of training)
Details & Registration:
Email: [email protected]