100hr The Embodied Feminine Module 2 :

Sexual Sovereignty

Where :

Samata Holistic Retreat Center

Goa, India


When :

March 16th - 30th  2019

Description :

Do you feel consistently tired, stressed out & busy? Continuously on the run attending to your life’s responsibilities & demands, yet feeling disconnected from the aliveness, fullness, joy & inspiration that you deeply desire but always seems to be just out of reach?

You are not alone. This seems to be the increasing plight of the modern woman.

I’ve been right there with you sisters.

And i have learnt the hard way just how important it is for us to create time & space to slow down, & reconnect with our bodies, our pleasure & our sensuality as powerful tools to restore balance & harmony in our feminine beings.

The Sexual Sovereignty retreat has been designed for just that.

An opportunity to :

Re-Connect with & Re-Sensitise the Potency & Exquisite Intelligence of Your Innately Sacred Feminine Body.

Re- Stoke the Flames of Your Sensual Essence & Capacity for Moment to Moment Pleasure , & Explore Your Full Orgasmic Potential  

Re-Member a life of Juiciness, Heart Felt Passion, Pleasure & Potent Feminine Creativity

Restore & Integrate Balance, Inspiration & Fullness to your Daily Life

In our necessary journey of resurrection from suppression to freedom, somehow despite leaps & bounds in external empowerment, as women we seem to be moving further from what is truly our greatest source of power.

A Profound Connection to Our Bodies.

Amidst the reclamation of our autonomy in our fight for equality & choice, amongst our attempts to be modern superwomen we are losing what is our most precious god given birthright. The balance & integration of our very own essential feminine nature.

Over 80% of women suffer from chronic pelvic tension.


Primarily as a result of our excessively yang lifestyles, where we tend to value & therefore focus more upon productivity, direction & ploughing through our endless list of things to do, than we do on living fully alive & awake in our bodies, our hearts & our capacity for infinite moment to moment pleasure & fullness. 

I so get it, i’ve gotten lost & disconnected on this hamster wheel time & time again.

For so many of us, amongst the precarious balance of thriving in our careers, following our passions, caring for our families & friends, raising our children, creating time for our spiritual practice, attending to our health & self care, & meeting the endless daily tackling of our lists of things to do…  In the attempt to have it all, ironically we are experiencing less & less happiness & well-being.

Our bodies respond by storing the tension of this imbalance in our tissues & particularly as women in our pelvis, wombs & yoni’s.


This creates a plethora of complications such as hormonal imbalance, detrimental shifts in brain chemistry, blood chemistry & mindset, resulting in imbalances such as Anxiety & Depression.

And dramatically reduces our sensitivity & capacity to experience sensual & sexual pleasure, inhibiting our orgasmic potential.

For Women, Pleasure is a profound portal to the Innate Wisdom, Clarity & Wholeness of Embodied Presence. A pure source of Unlimited Power & Infinite Creative Potential.


The Ancient Feminine Mysteries are steeped in practices that reconnect us with our Bodies, Our Emotional Intelligence , Our Sensuality & Sexuality & our Womb Wisdom/ Blood Wisdom. In fact the very aspects that have been deemed as un-sacred & obstacles on the path in many of the religions & wisdom traditions written through the masculine lens over the last 2000 or so years.


Women are currently re-experiencing a Strong Inherent Desire to Explore & Re-Member these Feminine Practices & Embody their Unique Path to Empowerment & Awakening. 

And I am deeply passionate about creating environments for women to come together to re-member these Feminine Mysteries & Arts.

As such, the Sexual Sovereignty retreat is a space for women to reconnect with the gateways of Embodiment, Pleasure & Sensory Awareness .

Where together we will explore & re-member through the inherent Sacredness of our own Bodies, our source of Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence, Authentic Empowerment & Infinite Creativity


In the Sexual Sovereignty Immersion we will explore :


. Daily Morning & Evening Embodiment practices, tapping into our Bodies Wisdom & the Infinitely Intelligent Life Force that moves through & as us in Non Linear Movement


. Daily Inner Directed & Erotic Dance Practices that inquire & explore the embodiment of our Natural Erotic Nature - uncovering and transmuting fragmented areas of shame & disconnection into Empowered Embodied Integration. 


. Empowering Education of our Female Pleasure Anatomy- Learning how we work!  Discovering the myriad of Errogenous Areas of the Yoni & how to Wake Them Up!


. A powerful practice of Yoni Mapping where we learn how to self administer internal massage  that frees up the chronic tension from the fascial tissue in the interior walls of the yoni & the pelvis, returning heightened sensitivity & exploring our full orgasmic potential.

. Inquiry through Direct Experience of how our Erotic Embodiment can inform our Connection to Insight, Inner Knowing, Fullness & Creativity


. Daily Discussion Groups exploring all things woman : The Feminine Arts, Pleasure Practices, Embodied Mindfulness, Embodying Deity & Much Much More.....

The Sexual Sovereignty immersion has been created to offer a Safe & Supportive Retreat Space for Women to come together to Explore & Embody their sensual essence.

To Slow Down, Connect Inward & Rediscover the Inherent Power of their Sensual Nature & Explore their Full Sexual Potential

Daily Explorations Include :

- Empowering Pleasure Education for Women

- Practices for Restoring Pelvic Wellness

- Yoni Mapping, Healing & Re-Sensitising

- Daily Embodiment & Sensory Awareness Practices

- Inner Directed Movement & Tapping into The Feminine Current

- Devotional Erotic Dance. 

-Sensual Re-Awakening & Embodiment

- Exploring the Wholeness of Female Orgasmic Potential


* Includes a 3day pilgrimage to the Indian Tantric Temples of Khajaraho!

The Khajuraho temple complex is a series of beautifully built and decorated buildings in Madhya Pradesh that depict the many different manifestations of Shakti and Shiva, the female and male divine principles. 

The temples were built to celebrate all aspects of human life & display numerous erotic carvings, both inside and outside the temple, that depict men & women engaging in sacred lovemaking under the smiles of divinities.

The sculptures serve as metaphors, a form of language educating tantric principles through symbols and imagery.

 As followers of Tantric principles, the Chandela rulers created the temples to help foster the balance between the male and female forces, as expressed through the mutual enjoyment of mithunas : Sacred sexual union. 

Sexual pleasure was considered an art form, the Kama Sutra, to be practiced and perfected by both genders.

Indeed, the temples portray women so openly and so freely enjoying sexual pleasures that some scholars believe that the temples are meant as a celebration of the female power: “It is considered that these temples are a celebration of womanhood, depicting sculptures of heavily ornamented broad-hipped and busty women ( apsaras) adorning the temple walls.

The apsaras, also referred to as sapna sundaris, are displayed portraying the plethora of human emotions.

It is believed that Khajuraho is charged with the energy of the 64 yoginis that control the very essence of life, balancing both body and mind together.

On our pilgrimage to these potent temples dedicated to & celebrating the Feminine Principle, we will breathe in the stories from their ancient walls & marinate in their re-memberings.



So What Exactly is Yoni Mapping ? 


In our culture, many women are disconnected from their whole pelvic region – mostly due to trauma of some kind, and/or shame

Trauma, often expressed in the body as tension and experienced by a woman as pain or numbness, can arise from something as simple as having sex without being aroused enough, to something as complex as a difficult birth or sexual abuse/violation.

Underneath the glossy, modern sexual landscape we live in, many of us struggle to understand ourselves as sexual beings. It is rare to meet a woman who truly KNOWS her vagina well.

Massaging and mapping internally allows a woman to meet her yoni. To discover her own creative power source, this part that has often only been experienced as problematic or bothersome (periods), or ‘for’ the purpose of another’s pleasure, or for procreation. 

We don’t receive adequate education about our own basic anatomy and sexuality. In fact, we are often given the wrong information – which leaves us confused and unclear.

That’s why having an experienced practitioner gently guide you through an area that may be wildly unfamiliar can be a total revelation.

Internal mapping can give a woman the capacity to answer questions like:

Where do I disconnect from feeling?

Where is there pain and numbness?

Is that area still tender from the operation?

What areas feel nice?

What feels relaxing and peaceful?

How is my pelvic floor?

Is there much tension in there?

What does my cervix feel like?

Where is my A-spot anyway?

Because Yoni Mapping sessions involve whole body massage, it can give a woman the felt experience that her Yoni is connected to the rest of her body – which often inspires a deeper sense of wholeness. 

After receiving this kind of session, women often come away with a sense of clarity about what they want in their lives – and what is no longer acceptable. 

This could mean being more discerning about who we allow to enter our bodies.

Or desiring to treat our bodies better.

Choosing to have longer foreplay because it feels amazing.

Or taking more time to self-pleasure and explore with curiosity.

Carving out more time for self care practices.

Or taking the leap with that big project.

What are the benefits of Yoni Mapping?


Physical Benefits :

·       Relaxing pelvic tension and helping to relieve pain

·       Restoring awareness to areas of numbness internally

·       Supporting muscle engagement and balance

·       Healing from an operation in the pelvic / abdominal area (scar tissue remediation)

·       Supporting pelvic organ balance & alignment 


What if it’s more of an emotional thing?

·       Having a respectful experience of your body after sexual trauma from past experiences of abuse / violation

·       Addressing shame or guilt in relation to sex / your vagina

·       Desiring to feel more connected to the Yoni / pelvis

·       Moving towards healing emotionally from an operation / abortion / miscarriage

·       Exploring a desire to be touched without a goal

·       Creating space for old emotions related to past experiences


Maybe it’s about S-E-X?

·       Letting go of painful or uncomfortable sex

·       Navigating through libido challenges

·       Opening to different ways to explore orgasm with a partner

·       Releasing old habits of self pleasuring that aren’t serving you (ie. Only using a vibrator to reach orgasm)

·       Finding out what’s possible in terms of pleasure beyond the clitoris

·       You’re excited to learn more about your pleasure potential

·       You’re wanting to feel more confident in your body


Or maybe you’d like to go deeper with self-care and self-nurturing?

·       Exploring another level of self-care and self-nurturing

·       Learning specific practices for pelvic wellness

·       Creating a more loving connection with your Yoni

·       Feeling clearer in your body awareness and boundaries


Or you just want to learn some stuff in an experiential way?

·       Getting to know your way around this part of your body

·       Just feeling curious to learn more and discover more about the vagina

·       Having an embodied experience of all the sensations in your pelvic space


Maybe you’re transitioning into a certain life phase?

·       Support in the transition to menopause

·       Support in your fertility journey

·       Ending a long term relationship and rediscovering your body again


Have you recently had a baby?

·       Reconnecting to the vagina and pelvis when things feel different after birth

·       Scar tissue remediation for episiotomy / C-section / natural tearing

·       Feeling held and acknowledged in your birth experience

·       Making friends with your vagina again if the birth didn’t go as planned

·       Supporting emotional and physical healing after a difficult birth


Or maybe you’re pregnant?

·       Preparing your body for birth physically – relaxing, creating space

·       Working specifically with internal areas that will support birth

·       Learning tools to take home for preparing your pelvis for birth

·       Letting go of old emotional tension / stories before birth


Why is this type of therapy necessary? Does it really need to be internal?

There many benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage – which is now becoming more popular in many different fields. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists do internal massage for pelvic health and alignment.

Just as with general massage, there are many benefits of receiving internal massage:

·       Access to ligaments that can only be touched from the inside

·       Release of muscle tension that traditional external massage cannot get to

·       Restoration of pelvic organ alignment and balance thus supporting a woman’s pelvic wellness

·       Relaxing of pelvic floor muscles allowing effective engagement

·       Shifting patterns of ‘compensation’ where specific parts are overworking due to ineffective engagement or held tension in other areas

Who Is This Modality Not Appropriate For?

Yoni Mapping Therapy is not currently right for you if:

·       you are in the FIRST trimester of pregnancy – we work with clients after 12 weeks.

·       you are pregnant and have a history of miscarriage or premature birth – just to be on the extra safe side!

·       you have JUST given birth recently – please wait until at least 6 weeks postpartum before a session.

·       You have JUST had an operation in the abdominal or pelvic area – please wait at least 6 weeks before a session to give your body a chance to heal.

·       You are CURRENTLY in a state of trauma – this modality is not beneficial if you are in a distressed and unstable mental state. Please seek appropriate support if this is the case.

·       You are under the age of 18 – we are unable to offer sessions to those under 18.


Ultimately, Yoni Mapping an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It’s about coming home to yourself.


And Why Devotional Erotic Dance ?

Devotional Erotic Dance is a feminine pathway to Exquisite Embodiment, Sacred Surrender & Full- Blown Pleasure…..

When was the last time you felt truly alive?


Or experienced pleasure coursing through every inch of you? Or felt fully embodied & expressed as a woman?

For many women, the answer is: I can’t remember.


There are so many reasons why this might be the case... Perhaps you were taught to shut down that side of yourself during childhood. Maybe you’ve been so busy being a mum that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be you. Perhaps you went through a bad breakup, or put on a few unwanted kilos, or had the confidence knocked out of you, or simply just let your to-do list take over your life...

Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same: You don’t feel like you any more.

This realisation — that you’ve lost touch with your own essence — can be startling. To protect yourself, something inside of you begins to close off and shut down. You start to feel detached; a stranger in your own life. Getting through each day becomes a marathon of endurance, and you find yourself reaching for wine, food — anything — at the end of the day, just to remind yourself that it is possible to feel something... even if only for a minute.


And as for feeling sexy?

Ha. That seems like a lifetime ago. You’ve almost forgotten what it feels like. You might have even found yourself wondering if ‘this is it’ — if you’ve missed your shot; if the well has ‘dried up’; if you should simply leave the sensual side of life to those who are younger, or freer, or more adventurous... maybe it’s just not your truth anymore? Maybe you’re not capable of it?


If you’ve had any of these thoughts, I want to assure you:


In fact, you can feel sexier than you’ve ever felt before... ever.

So What is Devotional Erotic Dance Like?

The Short Answer :


The Long Answer : 

This unique style of dance is a synthesis of more than ten years of study and practice in traditional yoga, meditation, left and right hand tantra, frontier science, as well as elements from a diverse range of dance traditions – from belly dance to Sufi whirling, Indian temple dance to Eastern trance dances, Japanese Butoh to ecstatic dance and many (many!) in between.

Through this practice you can expect to transform your relationship with...

-       Your Body

-       Your Sexuality

-       Stress

-       Pleasure

-       Your Partner/ Your Future Partner

-       Sistarhood

-       Spirituality

-       Vulnerability


The truth is, immense pleasure and deep presence are already available to every one of us.

No matter who you are, it’s possible to live in a way where you’re constantly turned on — by yourself, as well as by your partner, your work, your mission, your creativity, your friendships, and your life in general; where you’re deeply connected to your body, your senses, your desires and the present moment...

But this awakening of your sensuality is not something that can be done by reading a book or listening to a podcast. This is something that must be feltexperienced, and integrated into your being, using the full breadth of your body, mind and soul...

As you peel back the layers, the movement helps to embed and integrate everything you unearth into your self, your psyche and your body so that you can take this (remembered) wisdom with you as you go about your day-to-day life.

All it takes is your awareness and a willingness to drop back into the flow of the feminine in your body.

... Quite literally, you’ll be reclaiming your ‘sexy’ through dance.




This unique embodiment practice uses movement to calm your mind and get back into your body, so you can drop into deeper levels of pleasure and presence, and unravel decades of social programming, baggage, and suffering.  

Essentially, it helps you come home to your true self – fully embodied, awake, sensual, and deeply connected to your own wisdom, beauty and power. Shiva Shakti Dance



Stillness and movement,

Structure and flow,

Witnessing and feeling,

Masculine and feminine,

Shiva & Shakti


When we are expressing our full selves these 2 aspects combine in a devotional erotic dance, each honouring the other & each enchanted by the others presence.


Most of us spend our whole lives only cultivating one aspect — the masculine — and severely undervaluing our feminine nature.

Thousands of years of cultural programming have taught us that our feminine qualities are less valuable. In a million different ways, since the day we were born, we have been told that the traits that come so naturally to us as women (like sensitivity, intuition, nurturance, sensuality, wildness, and emotional expressiveness) are not as ‘valuable’ or ‘desirable’ as masculine traits like ambition, efficiency and assertiveness.

This has left many women feeling numb to their feminine nature – unsure of what it is or how to express it, uncomfortable with their sexuality, and with an ever-growing feeling that something is out of balance and unfulfilled in their heart, their body and their life.


Who is this type of dance for?

Devotional Erotic Dance is for ALL women , of ALL shapes, sizes, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs & sexual orientations & no previous dance experience is necessary

You can wear whatever you’d normally wear to a dance or yoga class. (Some women eventually prefer to dance in sensual clothing, but tights and a T-shirt are totally fine too!)

And rest assured: though we will be awakening our sexual energy and dancing it through our bodies, you do not have to get naked, or do anything you don’t want to.

All that is required is the courage to show up and the willingness to transform your life –

even if there’s a butterfly or ten squirming in your belly. (Nervous jitters are practically a prerequisite!)


Women practice Devotional Erotic Dance for many reasons :

-       To reinvigorate their relationship & reawaken sexual attraction with their partner

-       To relieve stress, get out of their heads & relax back into themselves.

-       To reconnect with their body ( after busyness & stress, illness, an eating disorder, a break up or jusy years of estrangment from their physical self. )

-       To rediscover their desires, sensuality & sexual self after being a mum

-       To feel juiced up, vital & feminine as they cross the threshold into menopause

-       To become deeply intimate with themselves while they’re single, connecting to a sense of innate fullness & wholeness ( & if desired , then attracting an equally whole partner)

-       To experience a radically embodied approach to spirituality, sexuality & relationships.

-       And of course some women come to simply learn how to feel epic love & pleasure moving through their body- for themselves, for their partners & for the sheer joy of it!


It's Important to know that .....     

  • The Sexual Sovereignty Retreat is for women only.
    This is a safe, sacred space, and your comfort is our highest priority. (And the sisterhood vibe? Next-level amazing!)

  • No prior dance experience is required.
    Many women have never danced before they walk into the studio.

  • You do not need to be in an intimate relationship to benefit immensely.
    (Though many women have been known to magnetise their life partners shortly after connecting with this practice!)

  • You don’t need to dance naked, or do anything you don’t want to do.
    We know the best way to naturally expand and grow is to have very clear personal boundaries in place. You will never be forced or coerced to do anything you don’t want to. Nor made to feel bad or that ‘you’re just resisting / closed / blocked / unspiritual’ if you choose to draw the line at some point. We provide the practices that can take you deep, but you choose your own adventure. Healthy boundaries all the way!


In Devotional Erotic Dance, by fusing ancient spiritual philosophy with modern science and a keen awareness of the everyday stresses on the modern woman, Devotional Erotic  Dance can transform many different parts of your life, including:


It can be very confusing when the passion you used to feel for your partner seems to fizzle out — or worse when you start feeling energetically repulsed by the person you know you love. Shiva Shakti Dance can help you understand and restore the sexual polarity, freshness, and curiosity that allows you to rekindle that attraction, reignite the torch of sexual passion, and evolve your relationship to a new level.


Hunched shoulders, stiff neck, tight hips... So many women feel a sense of separation between themselves and their body. Devotional dance teaches you how to be completely anchored in the present moment – connected to your physical being from head to toe, relaxed in your body, and free from the shackles of your mind’s endless chatter.


Many women believe that their lack of fulfilment in the bedroom is something that they just have to accept; that they’re simply not wired for pleasure. That’s a straight out lie — pleasure is the birthright of every woman. By learning how to sensitise, cultivate and circulate sexual energy through your body, every woman can awaken to the natural waves of pleasure and love pulsing through her.

The effects don’t stop there, of course. Transformation in any one of these areas spills out into the rest of your life – to your work, your family, your friendships, your creativity, everything. This practice transforms the way you show up and feel in each moment, which means that your life, as a whole, becomes more vibrant, delightful and fulfilling.

 "I’ll have what she’s having!"

Something that speaks volumes to the shift that our Devoted Erotic Dancers experience is this: we’ve had multiple women book into our courses and workshops because they SAW another woman moving so radiantly and sensually, that they simply had to ask her what on earth she’d been doing to be feeling so free.

Like a light that’s suddenly been flicked on high beam, the transformation in our women is remarkable, illuminating, and undeniable to all around them.




Yoni Mapping

Whats The Difference Between 'Yoni Massage' And 'Yoni Mapping Therapy'?

‘Yoni Massage’ is a term used by many different people to mean many different things.

Some people may offer Yoni Massage as a gentle pelvic healing massage, which can be quite a beautiful experience. Others may use the name ‘Yoni Massage’, but it also involves coaching and whole body massage (which is great too!) Still others may offer a sexual service that is called ‘Yoni Massage’. For other practitioners it’s related to the spiritual path of Tantra.

Basically all we know for sure about ‘Yoni Massage’ is that there’s some kind of massage of the vagina – because all practitioners work differently.

Some Yoni Massage therapists have done different kinds of training, others are self taught. There are some incredible practitioners out there and there are some practitioners to be careful of. Having a nice website with good copywriting, or lots of qualifications and training, doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good practitioner.

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ – is a specific registered modality taught as a holistic approach to women’s pelvic wellness. It is registered as a modality by the IICT. Practitioners have completed a rigorous 6 month intensive training program and are held to a high standard of therapy. There is a code of conduct that we abide by, and sessions always follow a certain structure. The focus is not on trying to give you a ‘pleasurable experience’ – but meeting you where you are, and offering you tools and approaches to bring into your daily life to deepen your connection with your pelvic region and your Yoni. We acknowledge and welcome all aspects of women – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual, on this journey of exploration and learning about your unique body and pelvic region.

Will Yoni Mapping Therapy Solve My Health Issue?

We do not (and cannot) claim that Yoni Mapping Therapy treats, prevents or cures any medical or psychological ailment.

Many clients do report that they have noticed improvements or feeling more empowered in areas such as mental health, emotional healing from past experiences, energy levels, libido, body image, stress levels, body connection, intimacy with a partner, awareness of pleasure, motivation for self care and capacity to assert clear boundaries around their body and sexuality.

Having said that, Yoni Mapping Therapy is not about ‘solving’ or ‘fixing’ anything, it’s about connecting with your body. 

“Once you approach your body as a relationship to discover rather than a problem to fix, you start thinking in a whole new way.” – Jena La Flamme

 Who Is This Modality Not Appropriate For?

Yoni Mapping Therapy is not currently right for you if:

·       you are in the FIRST trimester of pregnancy – we work with clients after 12 weeks.

·       you are pregnant and have a history of miscarriage or premature birth – just to be on the extra safe side!

·       you have JUST given birth recently – please wait until at least 6 weeks postpartum before a session.

·       You have JUST had an operation in the abdominal or pelvic area – please wait at least 6 weeks before a session to give your body a chance to heal.

·       You are CURRENTLY in a state of trauma – this modality is not beneficial if you are in a distressed and unstable mental state. Please seek appropriate support if this is the case.

·       You are under the age of 18 – we are unable to offer sessions to those under 18.

 Is It Safe For Pregnant Women?

Yes, if it’s safe to have sex, then it’s safe to have a gentle massage (although we don’t work with women who have a history of premature birth or miscarriage – just to be sure!). Sex can press on the cervix quite consistently, and in this bodywork for pregnant women we don’t focus on the cervix at all.

The way we work with pregnant women is SO soft and gentle – there’s nothing sudden or intense in any way. The internal pelvic work is intentionally slow and relaxing and we don’t press anywhere near the baby. We have cushions to raise your body so you’re comfortable.

Massage is a great way to prepare for the birth, especially stretching around the perineum to make space for the baby and prevent the likelihood of tearing or episiotomy – which is something that many midwives and birthworkers do!  We also work specifically with internal ligaments that can have a positive impact on the babies passage through the birth canal.

I’m Feeling a Little Nervous… Is That Normal?

Yes – most of our clients will feel some nerves before a session, which is totally natural. Usually afterwards they’ll be surprised how ‘normal’ and natural the whole thing felt.

You will be learning how to self administer the Yoni Mapping technique in the comfort & privacy of your own personal space.

We are really focused on creating a safe and comfortable space for the sessions and making it feel fun and interesting.

We work with informed consent and clear communication throughout, and you are fully respected & empowered to explore & set your own boundaries throughout the experience.

Devotional Erotic Dance

What exactly do we do in Devotional Erotic Dance?

As nerves and excitement bubble up, it’s natural that we to cling to certainty to avoid feeling vulnerable.

The Devotional Erotic Dance in this course will be a progressive journey, and all about cultivating the powerful feminine quality of surrender and letting go of control to fully experience life arising as it happens in each moment. For this reason, it is part of the magical unfolding of the journey to stay in the mystery of not knowing exactly what will happen. 

As an overview though, you can expect to be guided through some simple dance movements to inspire you to expand your range of movement and to open your body & your experience of your embodied sensuality in new ways, as well as spontaneous ‘free dancing’ in response to an intention, inspiring lectures (full of ‘aha’ moments), plus many partner and group exercises.

One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from participants at the end of a workshop or course is: 'I never would've thought I could do what I did if you’d told me at the beginning!' Rest assured, the studio is a very safe, supportive and loving space, and although it is absolutely normal and understandable to feel nervous, there's really nothing to be scared of.

Will I have to get naked?

No, it is definitely not required. We do explore striptease, in the context of the symbolic unveiling of the Divine Feminine. During this dance, some women spontaneously feel compelled to own the unique beauty of their bodies and rip off some layers as an outer gesture of inner freedom. However there is NO pressure or expectation for you to do anything you don't want to, and practicing with layers on is perfectly welcome.

What if I’m scared?

Most women come to their first Devotional Erotic Dance session feeling scared, vulnerable and overwhelmed with nerves… So please know that you’re not alone, and this fear is totally normal. (After all, many of us have gone our entire lives without ever exploring our full potential as an embodied woman.)

The good news is, the nerves are simply another aspect of the journey. And there’s so much power in showing up just as you are, with all your resistance and worries and doubts in tow. 

As with most things in life, the hardest part is that first act of showing up. From there, most women report that their nerves start to melt away right from the very first exercise...

So if you are currently feeling butterflies in your stomach, extreme nervousness, or the desire to curl up in a ball and hide...take a breath, it's totally normal. And I promise: it won't last long. 

In fact, these feelings can be a good thing. Consider the intensity of the energy in your body, and all those feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty… are they so different from falling in love? Perhaps you're just about to fall in love?! 

What do I wear?

It's recommended that your wear clothing that hugs the curves of your body. (Save your long flowing skirts for another time, you won't be keeping your knees together!) Many women find a singlet top and tights most comfortable to move in… and that's perfect! However, as the nature of the Devotional Erotic Dance unfolds, some women opt for clothing that makes them feel sensual and pleasurable (as well as comfortable). The choice is entirely yours!

Do I need to be able to dance?

No experience in dance is necessary. It has been my experience working with hundreds of women that deep down, EVERY woman knows how to dance — just as the ocean knows how to ripple and the stars know how to shine. Sometimes the mind just needs to relax into the body to allow it to happen, and this will definitely happen during your Devotional Erotic Dance practice.

What if I'm not currently in an intimate relationship?

No problem, you do not need to be in a relationship to participate in and benefit from Shiva Shakti Dance. But be aware that it is not at all uncommon for single women to meet wonderful new partners after embracing their feminine nature through practicing this kind of devotional erotic dance!

What if I'm really nervous, uptight and feel super blocked up sexually?

It's okay and very normal, and you're not alone. Keep in mind, you wouldn't go to your first guitar lesson and be expected to play ‘Stairway to Heaven’ straight off the bat. You’d go to lessons to learn to play. Same goes here. You're invited to come as you are. Your facilitator will meet you wherever you are, and guide you to your next leading edge. We’re here for you, and your sense of comfort, ease and confidence is paramount to us.

What if it feels overwhelming or too much for me at any stage?

We know the best way to naturally expand and grow is to have very clear personal boundaries in place. When you are in charge of how much you do and don’t want to do, and are able to say a clear ‘no’ or ‘that’s enough’, then you can feel safe and relaxed. Which — in a funny way — often means you expand way beyond what you originally thought you were capable of.

So please know: you will never be forced or coerced to do anything you don’t want to. Nor made to feel bad or that ‘you’re just resisting/closed/blocked/unspiritual’ if you choose to draw the line at some point.

We provide the practices that can take you deep, but you choose your own adventure. Healthy boundaries all the way!

Daily Schedule :

7.00 - 8.30am   Morning Embodiment Practice

8.30 - 10.00am  Breakfast

10.00 - 11.00am Womens Circle

11.00 - 1.00pm   Morning Workshop

1.00 - 2.00pm    Lunch

2.00 – 3.30pm  Relaxation Free Time

3.30 – 5.30pm   Afternoon Workshop

5.30 - 7.00pm   Evening Embodiment Practice


Opening Ceremony : Saturday March 16th: 4:00 - 6:30pm

Day Off : Friday March 22nd

Closing Ceremony : Samata Retreat Completes Wednesday 27th 4pm

Tantric Temple Pilgrimage to Khajaraho :

 Wednesday March 27th – Saturday March 30th 

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Tina Nance

Tina Nance is the Founder & Director of The Embodied Feminine : A 300hr Programme in the Embodied Feminine Arts. 

Tina Nance has been practicing Yoga, Dance & Embodiment  for over 20 years and teaching yoga, intuitive movement and women's work around the globe since 2003, in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

Tina works within the understanding that the majority of the contractions of the body-mind, are a manifestation of an identification with thoughts and behaviors that are misaligned with the truth of who we are. Tina's yoga & embodiment practices are therefore focused on consciously unraveling our body-mind's contractions with compassionate embodied awareness. 

Cultivating the art of deep presence, and conscious breath, Tina's Embodiment practice has become vastly non linear in nature. Tapping into the body's innate intelligence in direct relationship with the deep feminine current within, that unravels & re-aligns us from the inside out. 

In recent years Tina has specialised in Yoga Therapy for Women's Wellness, travelling and teaching throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Tina is currently a resident yoga teacher & teacher trainer at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, teaching regular classes, workshops & a 500hour TNYT Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programme specialising in Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Embodied Mindfulness. 

Tina is the founder of the Embodied Feminine Awakening Mystery School & the creator & director of the 300hr Embodied Feminine Awakening Programme : 100hr Womb Awakening, 100hr Sexual Sovereignty & 100hr Embodying Deity.


bonnie bliss

Bonnie Bliss is a pelvic wellness specialist, sex educator, certified somatic sexologist, bliss seeker, speaker & writer. She has spent most of the last decade diving deep into the mysteries of the female pelvis and is the founder of a pelvic wellness modality for women, called 'Yoni Mapping Therapy - The Bliss Method'.

In 2017, Bonnie developed a 6 month intensive certification training in Yoni Mapping Therapy which was offered to a group of 25 amazing women from all over Australia and the world. During her career as a sex educator, Bonnie also co-created The Yoniverse, a series of workshops, masterclasses and retreats in ‘real sex education for adults’. The Yoniverse has fast become Australia’s most widespread and popular sex & intimacy events.

Inspired by connection, the wisdom of our bodies and the beauty of the natural world, Bonnie loves to guide women to discover the magical world within them. Her absolute favourite topics to teach on are healing from sexual trauma, cultivating pelvic wellness, pleasurable living, sexual challenges women face in our culture, dispelling common myths and misconceptions about the vagina, the many kinds of female orgasm, Yoni Massage & Yoni Mapping Therapy.

Bonnie’s formal training includes:

  • Somatic Sexology, Certified Somatic Sexologist, through the IISB, Zurich

  • Gestalt Psychotherapy – Erik Smith – Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia

  • Certified Karsei Nei Tsang Practitioner (Taoist Abdominal Pelvic Therapy) Thailand

  • Certified Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) Practitioner, trained by Tami Lynn Kent, USA

  • Certified Ka Huna Massage Therapist – Mette’s Institute, QLD, Australia

  • Urogenital Osteopathic Techniques – Natalie le Jeune, France / Bali

  • Female reproductive massage – Pi Jem Thanachon, Thailand

For more about Bonnie and her work: www.bonniebliss.co


Ashleigh Edmunds

Ashleigh is a passionate dancer, writer and Shiva Shakti Dance facilitator - Inspired to help woman heal, awaken and reclaim the relationship they have with their bodies and sexuality through dance.

She specialises in creating spaces for woman to let go of who they think they should be, so that they can relax into the naturally wise and pleasurable current of who they are.

 Being all too familiar with the blocks and beliefs many of us hold around our sexuality, Ashleigh has spent the last 5 years building the skills to help woman discover, reclaim and deepen into all parts of themselves. Realising through her own journey and the experience of the woman she works with, that true fulfilment, sensual aliveness and magnetism are available to every one of us, if we simply relax our bodies and allow it. 

An avid dancer for most of her life, Ashleigh's journey into teaching started in 2015 when she met her now mentor Holly Wodetzki, founder of Shiva Shakti Dance. 

Over the last 4 years Ashleigh has trained extensively with Holly, along side a list of other powerful teachers and influencers, focusing within the areas of embodiment, workshop facilitation, sacred sexuality & erotic movement therapy.

 Ashleigh now facilitates Shiva Shakti dance courses and workshops around Australia and is devoted to bringing woman home to their bodies through the blissful and transformative practice of devotional erotic dance.



There is no pre requisite training required for the 100hr Embodied Feminine : Sexual Sovereignty Programme.

Women are warmly invited to participate of all ages, shapes, sizes & sexual orientations & there is no previous yoga or dance experience required. 

Reccommended Reading  :

  • Wild Women's Way - Michaela Boehm

  • Vagina - Naomi Wolf

  • Red, Hot & Holy - Tara Beak

  • The Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent

  • Emergence of the Sensual Woman - Awakening our Erotic Innocence - Saida Desilets

  • Women's Anatomy of Arousal - Sheri Winston

  • Slow Sex, The Art & Craft of the Female Orgasm - Nicole Daedone

  • Female Ejaculation & The G- Spot - Deborah Sundahl

  • Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski

  • The 100hr Sexual Sovereignty Programme may be participated in on its own as a complete & deep immersion into the Feminine Arts.


  • Alternatively to complete the full 300hr Embodied Feminine Programme, the 100hr Sexual Sovereignty Module may be combined together with the 100hr Womb Wisdom Programme & 100hr Embodying Deity Programme for 300hr Certification.


  • The 100hr Sexual Sovereignty Programme is offered seperately from the TNYT Yoga Teacher Trainings & is not a combining Module to the TNYT 300hr Yoga Teaching Programme or registered with Yoga Alliance.

·       100hr Embodied Feminine : Sexual Sovereignty Programme : 

$2925 - $3525 U.S.D. 


           Sexual Sovereignty Retreat Programme March 16th - 27th 2019 at Samata Retreat Centre, Goa :

         Includes :  - Full Tuition

                         - 3x Organic Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals per day, grown freshly in Samata's Organic Vegetable Garden.

                         - Airport Transfers to & from Goa Airport to Samata Retreat Centre

                         - A Choice of Accommodation : Simple Single ( Private, Twin Bed ) $3225 usd SOLD OUT !!!

                                                                         Deluxe King ( Private, King Bed ) $3525 usd ONLY x3 available

                                                                         Twin Share ( 2 persons , Twin Beds ) $3125 usd Still a few more available

                                                                         Triple Share ( 3 persons, Twin Beds ) $2925 usd  SOLD OUT !!!

Deluxe single 1.JPG
Deluxe room.JPG


          + Optional Pilgrimage to The Stunning Tantric Temples of Khajaraho!  March 27th - 30th 2019 :

          Includes :  - Full Tuition

                          - Breakfast & Airport Transfers to & from Khajaharo Hotel

                          - 3 Nights Accommodation :     Single ( Private, Twin Bed )  $415 usd SOLD OUT!

                                                                         Twin Share ( 2 persons, Twin Beds ) $335 usd



·       Sexual Sovereignty Deposit - $1000 U.S.D. non-refundable deposit payable upon registration

·       Balance Payment Due – Febuary 1st 2019

·       To register your application & payment you may fill out the form below.

·       For all queries feel free to contact Tina's Tribe directly at [email protected]